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Recent studies have shown that cell phone usage is highly addictive.
While most of us are not addicted, we could all use a little help to cope with addictive elements

In today’s hectic interconnected world it has become increasingly difficult to disconnect from our phones.

In recent years, new psychological conditions such as FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) and nomophobia (phone addiction) have developed and become commonplace.

With this new reality in mind, we specially developed Pause to offer a simple solution to help you disconnect from your phone and overcome these addictive elements.

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Phones are addictive and just like any other addiction we can use help to cope.

Pause doesn’t offer a magic solution, but it does make it easier for us to disconnect

Constant Remainder Reminder –  Just by being there Pause provides a constant reminder to put our phones away
Easy To Use Availability and ease of use – Just put your phones inside Pause and close the lid. There are no installations, no setups, and no activation of any kind.
No Distractions Eliminates distractions – Pause helps keep phones out of reach and helps avoid distractions such as (texts, notifications, calls etc.) by blocking all incoming signals.
Routine Create a routine – Pause is there to help us create a habit of putting our phones aside when we spend time together.

No, placing your phone inside Pause doesn’t empty the battery.  Phones will continue to preserve battery life just as in any other environment without reception.

Great!  If you can then we encourage you to do so!

We believe that education is the key – but it’s easier said than done.

Recent studies have shown that phubbing (phone snubbing) at the dinner table is a real problem and most of us need help to deal with it. That’s what Pause is for.

You can try but it wont work. Pause was specially designed & built to block radio transmissions, wifi and cellphone frequencies.

The engineering is quite complex and unique and it took us over a year to get the required RF ceiling.

However, if you do find a good cookie jar that does the job we encourage you to use it!

No, in fact, it does just the opposite!

The physical nature of Pause is based on the Faraday cage concept. Once your phones are inside Pause, it actually blocks the phone radio waves in the box and transforms them into electric fields and heat. This actually creates much less radiation than if you were to keep your phone by your side.

If you are interested in more information please look for the term Faraday cage on Wikipedia.

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